Groclock Sleep Trainer for Toddlers

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How do you get your children to understand when it's time to get up?
SIMPLE "stay in bed until you see the sun!"

This Groclock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it's time to get up.

The Groclock has a new feature allowing parents to choose whether or not to display the digital clock during the usual ‘stars to sun’ countdown. So for older children, they can now start to learn digital time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun!

The Groclock also comes with a beautifully illustrated book which helps to encourage children to stay in bed longer, which means more sleep for them and more sleep for you! "No more getting up at 5am!". It is this combination of the simple glowing images and the bedtime story book which has already made the Groclock a phenomenal success.

• Tells the time with colours and pictures: Perfect when sleep training toddlers, the easy to understand pictures help little ones know when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to stay in bed

• 2 time settings and audible alarm: With 2 settings you can set a different weekday, weekend or naptime wake up times.

Get More Sleep: The Groclock uses colours and pictures to help children who are too young to read an ordinary clock, to understand when it's time to sleep and when it's time to spring out of bed.

Adjustable Brightness: Various levels of brightness are available including turned off completely.

Optional Audible Alarm: Choose to use the alarm as your child gets older. Perfect for routine wake-ups.

Optional Digital Clock Display: Once you little ones starts to learn digital time, parents can also display the digital clock.

Powered by: USB cable that is 1.8 metres in length

Sustainable packaging: To help reduce our environmental impact, the Groclock sleep trainer is packaged in plastic-free and 100% fully recyclable cardboard packaging.