Adiri Nurser Transitional Cap

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The Adiri® Nurser™ Transitional Cap was made to re-purpose and expands the life of the Adiri® Nurser™. As a child grows up their requirements and tastes change, which is why Adiri® created the Transitional Cap. The Adiri® Nurser™ Transitional Cap allows a change from a Nurser into a Sippy Cup, which keeps you from having to throw out your now unusable Nurser and buy an entirely new Sippy Cup.

Features and Benefits:
  • Smooth, off-center spout allows more comfortable feeding
  • Design allows for use with all Adiri® Nurser™ sizes (5.5oz and 9.5oz)
  • Signature leak-proof valve makes life easier without worry of accidental spilling
  • Distinct jet flow valves allow the child to determine the flow rate by their amount of suction
  • BPA-Free

  • Made from PP plastic
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