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Baby feeding set in brilliant colors with smart details

BABYBJÖRN Baby Feeding Set is cleverly designed for small hands and makes it easier for your child to eat without help. The brilliant colors of the baby feeding set add a splash of fun to every mealtime. The set includes a bib, plate, spoon and fork. The well-thought-out details of each item make this baby feeding set the perfect choice for your child’s first meal!

Features and benefits

The Baby Feeding Set includes:

  • Soft Bib
    The bib has an adjustable neckband for a perfect fit. The curved, deep spill pocket catches food and mess.
  • Baby Plate
    The plate’s three-leaf-clover shape and edges make it easy for your child to scoop up food. The shape of the rim makes it difficult for your child to grab hold of the plate or tip it over. The rubber edging underneath also keeps the plate from sliding around on the table.
  • Baby Spoon and Fork
    The short handle is easy for small hands to grip and has a lower ring that prevents your child’s hand from sliding too far down. A groove on the back of the handle also stops the spoon/fork from sliding down into the plate.
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