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Baby Elephant Ears is the perfect headrest that helps support spinal and neck development.

Unparalleled in style and function, Baby Elephant Ears doubles as a headrest that provides comforts as well as helps to support the development and alignment of the spinal cord and neck. Offered in many different prints and styles, you'll be sure to find one that suits your little one's personality. Very convenient to use wherever your baby goes - the stroller, car seat, changing table, or any time extra support is needed.

Baby Elephant Ears are fully washable and require no attachments or straps, which make it nice and easy to use. They stands alone as a stylish and affordable essential that both parent and infants, will enjoy having around. We can't wait for you to fall in love with Baby Elephant Ears!

  • Multi-use- headrest comfort and supported development.
  • Provides support for spinal and neck development.
  • Can go wherever your baby goes.
  • No attachments or strap, making is super simple to use.
  • Superior design and quality compared to other headrests.
  • Many different designs and styles to chose from.
  • Chiropractor inspired and mom-designed.
  • Perfect for your own pride and joy or as a gift.
  • Made with sustainable materials.

Safety & Care

Recommended Age: 0-2 years and up or until it no longer snuggly and securely fits.

Not intended to be used in the crib or unsupervised.

How to use:
1. Slide the ears behind the child's neck
2. Make sure they are down to the bottom of the neck
3. Pull the lower lobes in front of the child's shoulders.

Machine washable! Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Use a warm dry setting or let air dry.

Made in USA