Baby Wisp Diya Bows 10 Pack



This gift set includes 10 Ribbon Tuxedo style bows with a knotted center in pretty colors. The symmetrical design ensures the bow is never upside down so you can interchange between the left and right side of the head! Bow is 1.75" long x 0.75" tall and attached to a 4 cm stainless steel ribbon wrapped single prong alligator pinch clip. Pinch one end open then slide in the hair and release. Fits 12M+

This set includes: White, Ballet Pink, Rose Pink, Camelia Rose, Fuchsia, Ivory, Chantilly, Peach, Rose Taupe, Dusky Mauve.


  • Bows are made of high quality grosgrain ribbon
  • Attached to our¬†4cm stainless steel ribbon wrapped¬†alligator / pinch¬†clip.¬†
  • Bows are glued onto the clips with non toxic glue
  • All Ribbon ends are heat sealed so they won't fray
  • Hair clips are lead tested to be lead, cadmium and mercury free
  • Fits¬†12 M+ with fine hair best, must have hair for this to work