Chalk & Chuckles - Clever Counting Matching Puzzle

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The clever farmer never misses a count. From spotting 1 bicycle to the 7 watermelons in the cart and the 10 squeaky sneaky squirrels in the tree, he is never wrong!


Learn to count from 1-10 with the farmer as he moves around the farm in his tractor, in a unique number matching game. Match the picture cards with the correct number card by counting. If you are feeling unsure, remember to check with the farmer. He is always right. If the two rounds at the bottom of the tractor, fit neatly into the holes of the cards, you know you have found the correct matching pair.

A unique counting matching puzzle.

A cute little tractor that fits the holes in the cards, lets you self correct.

No reading required

Wipe-erasable cards to let you trace along the dotted lines or write the number.

20 Puzzles

2 games in a box with graded level of difficulty. Move from simple counting to more complex counting.

Age 3+