Healthy Feet Start with Ciciban

Ciciban toddler shoes

Correct foot development contributes to healthy spine development and correct posture. Therefore, a baby's foot deserves our utmost attention.

Babies attempt their first steps between nine and eighteen months of age, but their feet are not yet fully adapted to bearing weight and walking. Delicate foot bones are still soft and the arches are not yet fully formed. It takes quite some time for the foot muscles to strengthen and for little feet to take their shape. Tight or inflexible shoes can cause foot problems which could manifest themselves in adulthood.

While young feet are developing, Ciciban provides anatomically correct shoes that gently envelop and protect a child's delicate feet, allowing the baby's first steps to be both healthy and secure. For more than six decades, babies' feet dressed in Ciciban shoes have been exploring and conquering their world.

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