Drink In The Box - Snack In The Box



… and a must-have for nibbly people on the go!

Snack in the Box – A better and reusable-way to pack healthy snacks, protect them from getting crushed and mushed in your bag. A must for school lunches, car rides, bicycling, taking the kids shopping, going for walks, picnicing or anywhere you may want to bring along a treat.

The twin pop-up lids let you easily flip the doors open and pour out your favorite snacks. Now you can bring a healthy AND a fun snack along and shake them out into your hand, when you need a little nibble.


Snack in the Box has twin 6-ounce containers and doors.

Carry two different snacks at the same time.

Saves space and keeps delicate snacks from being crushed.

Dishwasher friendly, the doors are also easy to pop-up, then slide out, for a thorough cleaning.

Snack in the Box body and lids are made from BPA, BPS and Phthalate free, American-made TritanTM.

Snack in the Box is designed to last thousands of cycles when placed on the top rack of your dishwasher

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