Reduces         tumble         drying         time         by         28%

  • Helps reduce your electricity bill
  • Softens & fragrances your clothes
  • Dermatologically tested and Allergy Friendly Product


Our innovative Dryer Eggs will cut down your drying time by up to 28%, save you money and naturally soften and subtly fragrance your clothes too.  If you use a tumble dryer, these are a must have.

Did you know that your tumble dryer is the most expensive appliance to run in your home?  Cut that expense down by using our Dryer Eggs that separate your clothes, making them dry more quickly, whilst naturally softening your clothes.

The Dryer Eggs contain hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested essential oil fragrance sticks.  The scent subtly infuses through your clothes in the dryer, leaving your laundry smelling gorgeous.

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