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NOW WITH ADDED LUMBAR SUPPORT! The Pure Black 360 offers every carry position for your ‘do anything’ days, from naptime at the market or together time at the museum.

  • Ergonomic, forward facing option
  • Lumbar support waistbelt for extra lower back comfort
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps for neck & shoulder comfort
  • Start with newborn infant insert ~0-4 months/7-12lbs, sold separately
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee

360 All Positions Carrier

Whether you’re always on the go or just trying to do normal things like eat and laundry, this all-position, top-rated baby carrier was made for you. Our 360 All Positions Carrier delivers convenience and comfort with its four ways to carry and bond with your baby. It’s a hip-healthy baby carrier for newborns - with the purchase of one of our Infant Inserts- and toddlers.

All the Positions Plus All the Comfort

The Ergo 360 offers four ergonomic carrier positions:

  1. Front Carry (facing parent)
  2. Front Carry (facing out)
  3. Hip Carry
  4. Back Carry


Have your baby facing you the first few months of his life so he feels safe as he rests up against you and hears your familiar rhythmic sounds. As he becomes more alert and curious, the 360 not only becomes a front baby carrier but a hip and back baby carrier as well. You can face him forward or place him on your hip or back to better see and check out his surroundings.

And if you plan on babywearing for long periods of time, this baby carrier provides the comfortable support and freedom you both want for anything you want to do and everything you need to do. With padded, supportive shoulder straps and a lumbar support waistband, you can carry your little guy through the airport, mall, or grocery store. Whether on vacation or running errands, you can literally walk for miles without experiencing any neck, shoulder, or back discomfort. And your baby is comfortable too, whether indoors or outdoors, with the Ergo 360’s supportive ergonomic seat, soft material, and privacy hood.

All-Seasons Support

You can use our four-position baby carrier to carry, calm down, put to sleep, and breastfeed your baby in. But it’s not just carrier positions and use options that make the Ergo 360 the perfect baby carrier. It’s also the material options. Choose from one of our cool and very capable cool air mesh models made with a more breathable, lightweight fabric. They are as ventilated as they are versatile. Or stick with our original model made with soft 100% cotton that provides maximum support and comfort for you and your child.

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