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  •    Button Nose Blankie rolls up and tucks into the hood creating a pillow
  •  Warm, soft & luxurious microfiber plush
  •  Absorbent fabric works great as a towel
  •  Recommended for kids age 0-10 years
  •  Blanket size is 30" x 42" (76cm x 106cm)
  •  Machine washable
  •  Can be used as a costume for dress up or Halloween!
Your little one will love to snuggle in this fun and functional plush blankie & towel. Cleverly designed for children ages birth to 10 years old, the Button Nose Blankie 3 in 1 Blanket, Towel & Pillow can go anywhere and stay clean. It quickly folds and rolls into the hood to create a pillow. The non-shed and non-allergenic microfibre plush fabric is very absorbent when using as a towel, and the hood is lined with jersey cotton for extra absorbency for wet hair. For kids up and walking, The Button Nose Blankie can be fastened in the front to keep it on. Our products are designed to grow with your child so as your little one grows, he or she will love to use this fun creature blankie as a housecoat and costume. Available in 5 designs, the Button Nose Blankie is sure to be their favorite!
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