Headster Take Cover Straw Hat - Beige


Kids Straw Hats for Summer by Headster

The perfect summer beach getaway hat. Flexible and comfortable, your kiddo will love wearing it. Not only does it look cool, but it'll also keep your little ones cool while protecting them from the sun's harmful rays. Don't miss out on this hot new summer trend.

Headster's Kids Straw Hats are super cool and perfect for this time of the year. Stands out nicely and designed to easily match with many outfits.


  • Sturdy and high quality
  • Trendy new summer look


  • Wash hat by hand with a bucket of cold water and a few drops of soft detergant.
  • Dip a cloth in the water mixture and carefully tap the cap.
  • Tap again with dry cloth to remove excess water.
  • Let air dry. 

*Please note: It is very important not to fully submerge the cap in water, and not to squeeze it or put it near a heat source to dry.


Made of 100% paper