There are many reasons to love the Lo Crib Mattress by Jupiter. Your baby will soundly sleep which means you can, too!

100 % Woven Polyester – PVC free and no more hot sticky vinyl!

Water and Stain Resistant Cover

This mattress is finished with a special process that is water resistant and prevents stains. The benefit of this finish versus a non-porous fabric coating is that our fabrics are still breathable and “fresher” for baby to sleep on.
Overheating and re-breathing of carbon dioxide are top of mind issues for SIDS advocates, so it only makes sense to look for a mattress that addresses these concerns. Their finish is certified to be free of harmful chemicals by Oeko Tex standard 100. Many parents still choose to buy a waterproof cover to protect their mattress. 

Light Weight for Sheet Changing
Eco Dura Bond Core is a fiber based compression packed and thermo bonded support system. Weighing in at only 10 pounds this mattress core is a true champion of firmness.

2-in-1 Firmness

Not too hard, not to Soft, just right! With the 2 sided comfort, (firmer for infants, added comfort for toddlers) your child can sleep comfortably, and safely from their crib to their toddler bed. The toddler side is made with added comfort by using a softer fiber called Verti. This fiber is placed on top of their much firmer Eco Dura Bond Breath Easy Core to create a 2-n-1 sleeping system suitable for both babies and toddlers.

Pressure Tested

1.0 Rates this unit as providing Basic Firmness. All mattresses provide the right firmness pediatricians now recommend. Their firmness rating is as follows: 1.0 Basic Firmness, 2.0 Extra Firmness and 3.0 Premium Firmness.

Eco Dura Bond- Breath Easy Core
A) The Eco Dura Bond -Breath Easy Core is made from recycled P.E.T. Plastic Water Bottles that are recycled and extruded into fibers and woven together by thermo bonding, (no chemical adhesives), then compression packed to become 

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