Darcy Darlingmane will magically make her way into baby's heart. This unicorn has a rainbow ribbon mane and tail plus silvery, crinkle wings that add some sparkle. Cute little clip-clop hooves make trotting noises when they swing about at the end of her knotty legs. The Lamaze clip lets you hook her to strollers, carriers and diaper bags to take her along for fun on-the-go. Bright contrasting colours and patterns stimulate vision. Crinkle sounds develop auditory senses. Different textures to grip and grab refine motor skills. Look for other great Lamaze toys!

  • Suitable for babies of any age, including newborns
  • Shake to make front hooves clip-clop together
  • Lamaze link makes it easy to attach to a stroller, diaper bag, or other place
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