WABOBA - Big Kahuna Water Ball | Bounces on Water


Summer time is here so it's time dash, let's welcome the summer with a great big splash!

The Big Kahuna's large size makes it perfect for the pool or beach and having fun with the whole family. It's easy to bounce on water, and can be played in any water environment. The more water it absorbs, the higher and better it bounces. It skips effortlessly over any water surface and will surely bring on a lot of laughs and good times.

  • Most versatile ball.
  • Perfect for the pool, lake, ocean, river, fountain, puddle, you name it!
  • Bounces and skips effortlessly over any water surface.
  • Throw the Big Kahuna as though you're skipping a rock, then watch it bounce across the pool, ocean or lake
  • The large foam design allows for easy bouncing and catching
  • These neon coloured balls are easy to see, catch, and bounce on water!
  • Colors will vary.

Additional Information

Recommended Age: 6 years and up

Size (diameter): 3.5 inch (90mm)