ZippyJamz Organic Footed Sleeper - Hedgehugs Girl



ZippyJamz' patent-pending 2 zipper design makes dressing and diaper changing super simple for parents and babies. The front zipper means nothing needs to go over a baby's head and the inseam zipper from ankle to ankle makes diaper changes quick and easy for parents while babies stay covered and comfortable throughout.


  • Front zipper for dressing and a separate inseam zipper for quick and easy diaper changes
  • Simple & intuitive design means no snaps and no cold air drafts - babies stay covered and comfortable
  • Premium GOTS organic cotton is eco-friendly, super soft, natural, sustainable & breathable
  • Little extra details like food-grade silicone on grippy foot bottoms (3-6M to 18-24M), no-scratch fold-over mitts (NB & 0-3M) and neck protector means the best product for you and your baby

Size Chart

Newborn - Weight 6 to 9lbs and Height 21in
0-3 Months - Weight 9 to 12lbs and Height 21 to 22in
3-6 Months - Weight 12 to 15lbs and Height 22 to 23in
6-9 Months - Weight 15 to 19lbs and Height 23 to 25in
9-12 Months - Weight 19 to 22lbs and Height 25 to 26in
12-18 Months - Weight 22 to 26lbs and Height 26 to 28in
18-24 Months - Weight 26 to 30lbs and Height 28 to 32in