ZippyJamz Sleeper | Stole my Heart



ZippyJamz Footed Sleeper will provide all night comfort and warmth to your little one.

ZippyJamz sleepers are designed in a way to easily put on and take off, which is especially helpful when it comes time to dressing or a quick diaper change. It has an extra zipper along the seems of the legs to make it more convient for you when your little one needs a changing. There are no snaps so no need to worry about those cold air drafts.

  • Simple and unique design.
  • 2 separate zippers.
  • Diaper changing made quick and easy.
  • Keep your baby warm and covered throughout all diaper changes.
  • Fold over mitts on sizes Newborn and 0-3 months
  • Grippy underfeet: 0-3 months to 18-24 months
  • No snaps and no cold air drafts.
  • Premium GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • Cotton is soft, gentle, natural & breathable.

Machine washable on a gentle cycle. Use warm dry or let air dry.

Made with high quality and organic cotton, certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).