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Creating precious moments that will become great memories is a desire of new parents. Perlimpinpin understands that childhood is a moment of learning and exploration. They also know that baby products are often the containers for these beautiful memories. Whether it's a special print with hearts or an on-trend colour that was chosen, or just how cute their child was in a particular outfit, parents live fully enriched experiences by picking products that beautify their life and are forever unforgettable.

Perlimpinpin Sleep Bags offer many benefits

Join thousands of happy babies and parents that use Perlimpinpin sleep bags.

Sleep bags are a great step towards Safe Sleep

Your baby has started showing signs of rolling, it’s time to stop swaddling and to make the transition to a Perlimpinpin sleep bag. 

Perlimpinpin Sleep bags regulate baby’s temperature, are comfortable, easy and safe to use. The reverse zipper makes diaper changes easy. No need to apply additional blankets, which could get kicked off anyway. So much care goes into making Perlimpinpin sleep bags. Here are some key design elements that account for the popularity of this sleep bags.

  • A reverse zipper for an easy diaper change
  • A protected chin for extra warmth
  • A large opening allowing baby to bend and flex legs
  • Safe and exclusive made in Canada design without snaps

Find great Safe Sleep tips from the Public Health Agency of Canada here: 

🇨🇦 Safe Sleep for Your Baby  🇨🇦 Sommeil sécuritaire pour votre bébé 🇨🇦

What does TOG mean?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It is a a unit of measurement to calculate the thermal insulation of textile products, like blankets and sleep bags.

What TOG rating do I need? 🤔

TOG describes the warmth of a product. Perlimpinpin Baby sleep bags have a range of TOG ratings (.07, 1, 1.5, 1 and 2.5) from low to high warmth. The higher the number, the warmer the Perlimpinpin sleep bags

Fun fact: The TOG rating comes from The Shirley Institute in Britain. In the 1960’s they developed the TOG as an easy-to-follow alternative to the SI unit of m2K/W. They also developed a machine to measure TOG, it’s called the Togmeter.

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How do I choose a Perlimpinpin TOG warmth for my newborn?

You’ve done your research and decided that a Perlimpinpin sleep bag is the best sleeping option for your newbornNew parents should be mindful of the following 3 factors when determining which Perlimpinpin TOG rating to use for baby.

Room temperature where your child will sleep 

  • Ideally should be set to 20 °C - 22 °C (68-72 F).

Layers worn by your child while wearing their sleep bag 

  • Judge by how warm/cold you feel. 
  • Do you need an extra layer? Then so will your child.

The TOG rating of the sleep bag you are using.

Parents can choose from Perlimpinpin's 5 TOG options.

  • .07 TOG - Cotton Muslin | Ambient temperature of 23 °C - 27 °C. 
  • 1.0 TOG - Bamboo muslin or Quilted Bamboo or Quilted Cotton | Ambient temperature of 18 °C - 22 °C.
  • 1.5 TOG - Plush or 4 layer muslin | 18°C -22°C
  • 2.0 TOG- Printed Cotton or Jersey Lining 16°C -20°C
  • 2.5 TOG - Quilted bamboo or Velour. Ambient temperature of 16 °C - 20 °C

Before adding Perlimpinpin sleep bags to your cart, check the size chart. It's a great resource in helping new parents select the right product for their baby boy or baby girl based on their weight and length and to ensure a safe sleep. Check-out the 4 size options below.

  • Newborn 0-3 months | 5-13 lbs | 19-23 inches
  • Baby 0-6 months | 10- 16 lbs | 23-26 inches
  • Baby / Toddler 6-18 months | 16-26 lbs | 26-34 inches
  • Toddler 18-36 months | 26-40 lbs | 34-40 inches

Gender Boy or Girl

Now that you are informed, mark down the TOG rating and size you've chosen for your little one, so you can be prepared when you shop online. Have fun choosing cute Perlimpinpin sleep bags with hearts, flowers, cars or animal prints!

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Perlimpinpin Car Seat Covers

Perfect for any of the elements thrown at us in Canada.

  • Available in 2 weights Mid-Season or Winter
  • Install on most baby infant car seats
  • Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry

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