Dekor Diaper Pail Plus Gift Set - White

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The Dékor Diaper Pail Plus Gift Set offers all the essentials for hassle-free diaper disposal.

This set includes one pail and a supply of refills that will last for over a year. With its foot pedal, ABS closed-cell plastic construction, and child-proof features, this diaper pail is not only convenient but also safe to use and easy to clean. The continuous liner design of the refills allows for customized use and eliminates the need for wasteful, preset lengths. With a child-proof cutter and a safety lock, this diaper pail ensures that little ones stay out of where the diapers go in. Plus, the ability to hold up to 580 newborn diapers makes this pail a practical choice for busy parents.

Product Highlights

  • Dékor Diaper Pails are 100% hands-free. Just step on the foot pedal, drop in the soiled diaper through the trap door and you’re done.
  • The Pails are made with ABS closed-cell plastic that won’t absorb odors over time, and they’re safe to clean with bleach or other household cleaners.
  • A child-proof cutter is mounted inside the access door which allows you to customize the bag size.
  • The access door automatically locks when pushed closed.