Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Swaddler - Midnight

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Innovative sleep system designed to provide comfort for your baby from infancy to the next stage.

Crafted from the premium bamboo rayon material, this sleep bag swaddler acts as a 2-in-1 product, serving as both a swaddle and a 1.0 sleep bag. The incorporated swaddle wrap can be easily adjusted and secured with its Velcro closure, and can be detached when swaddling is no longer necessary. Additionally, a removable elastic loop, secured with a snap closure, can be placed at the bottom of the sleep bag to further secure it for growing babies. This extra measure ensures a snug fit for little ones who have not yet fully grown into their new sleep bag.

How to Choose a TOG Rating?

To determine the level of warmth for your baby's sleeping bag, use Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) - a rating system that measures heat retention in fabric. Consider the ambient temperature in your nursery and choose a heavier TOG for cooler months and a lighter one for warmer months.

0.5 TOG - 74-78 degree F / 23-26 degree C

1.0 TOG - 69-73 degree F / 21-23 degree C

2.5 TOG - 61-68 degree F / 16-20 degree C

Product Features

  • This sleep bag in size XS has a 1.0 tog rating and is made of an incredibly soft, breathable, and stretchy bamboo rayon fabric.
  • The swaddle wrap, which can be removed, is attached to the sleep bag with Velcro, allowing for customizable positioning as your baby grows.
  • The swaddle piece has two layers of buttery soft bamboo rayon, an adjustable Velcro strip closure, and a removable elastic loop with a snap closure.
  • Once the swaddling piece is removed, the sleep bag can safely accommodate newborns up to 13 lbs.
  • Additionally, the sleep bag has a J-shaped double zipper for easy diaper changes


  • 97% bamboo rayon, 3% spandex

Disclaimer: Following safe swaddling practices, remove the wrap once your baby is 8 weeks old or able to roll over, whichever one comes first. The wrap is intended to only be used with its corresponding sleep bag in size XS.