Yookidoo Catch ‘N’ Sprinkle Fishing Set

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Experience endless tub-time fun with the Yookidoo Catch 'N' Sprinkle Fishing Set!

Expertly designed with a magnetic pole and worm, this set allows your child to develop hand-eye coordination while catching one of three silly fish. Each fish creates a different and hilarious water effect, and one even has a hidden mini fish inside!

Product Features

  • Drop the fish in tub water that is at least the height of the fish. Watch with awe as the fish straighten up by themselves to float elegantly with their open mouths facing up, always ready for the catch.

  • Cast the rod and dangle the worm into the mouth of one of the fish. Catch it, raise it up, and the water that has filled it will spray out the tail. Surprisingly a fish in hiding will peek out from one of them.

  • The various water effects include a propeller, two streams, or a sprinkler.

  • Your child can develop hand-eye coordination, pretend to sail the open seas, and enjoy the thrill of catching fish all bath long.

  • Suitable for 2-6 years old.

What's Included

  • 1 x fishing rod with magnetized hook in the shape of a worm

  • 3 x magnetic fish with various surprises and water effects