Yookidoo Lights 'N' Music Friends Ball

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Stimulate your baby's motor skills while providing endless fun with this plush Lights 'N' Music Friends ball.

This plush Lights 'N' Music Friends ball features various animal faces and twinkling stars, making it an engaging toy for babies to crawl after. With twinkling stars that flash to the music and sounds, this ball is perfect for encouraging head lifting during tummy time and practicing visual tracking skills. With this fun ball, your little one can develop their motor skills and potentially excel in sports in the future. It's the ideal activity for playing ball with a parent or sibling.

Product Features

  • This battery-operated ball can be tossed, shaken, tapped or rolled to activate its lights and sounds.

  • Designed for tiny hands, the ball features three friendly farm animal faces with soft textures and crinkly ears, providing tactile stimulation.

  • Use it on the floor or attach it to a crib, gym, pram, or stroller with the Yookidoo fun link for fun on the go.

What's Inside

  • 1 X motion-activated Lights ‘N’ Music Friends Ball

  • 1 X battery box with on/off button and demo batteries

  • 1 X Yookidoo ® Fun Link