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We started Jump! The BABY Store in 2012. My how we've grown! We are two moms who love living in Northern Ontario. We help parents find what they need for their growing children. 

Shopping for a Baby Stroller in Canada 🇨🇦

Navigating shopping for a stroller for your new baby should be fun! A great baby stroller makes family outings a breeze! All our baby strollers come from manufacturers who take safety testing seriously. They have ensured that they meet or beat Canadian 🇨🇦 standards. You will want to take the weather in your location into consideration. Whether you're strolling in the rain in Vancouver, British Columbia 🌲 or trekking through the snow in Rimouski, Québec ⚜️, your baby stroller needs will be different. Maybe you're travelling✈️ to an exotic location, then a smaller travel stroller will better suit your needs.

Parents remember to add things like stroller accessories to your travel checklist 📝! Stroller accessories like a cup holder, umbrella ☂️ or gate check bag to store your stroller will make travel more enjoyable.

Stroller Collection

Lowest Price Guarantee 💰

Occasionally baby stroller companies will offer promotions on their products. Check our online store for any sale that may be happening. During these sale times you can shop the lowest price guarantee💰 on baby strollers on our site. If you come into our store we can do stroller demos for you. Your search for the perfect stroller might just be over after that!

Yes We Carry Baby Furniture Products!

Shop quality made in Canada 🇨🇦 furniture by Natart. Including 3 in 1 cribs that convert into beds, dressers, bedrails, head and foot boards made with solid wood. Natart's Greenguard Gold certification ensures that all their materials are safety tested to ensure they have low off-gassing. Providing more peace of mind in the nursery for parents. Natart offers trendy and traditional style baby furniture. Need help setting up the perfect baby room or help navigating all the colour🌈 and furniture wood options? Search up our shop and contact info below. We can help you plan and shop for the perfect furniture for your growing family. You'll be thrilled every time you enter your baby's nursery.

Feeding Accessories for Children

Shop silicone suction mats, plates and bowls🥣 that make feeding less messy and more fun for everyone. Keep baby's food in one location, on the table! Store snacks and lunches in durable leakproof containers. We carry beautiful silicone baby bibs, some with fun and funny sayings too!

Dinnerware for Babies & Kids

We Love Kids Toys

We search-out toys geared from birth to age 8. Our baby store focuses on toys that address a child's developmental needs like gross and fine motor skills and sensory toys for babies. You'll find very few battery operated toys and more puzzles 🧩,  child-led toys, pretend play gear and cuddly stuffed animals 🧸 that your little one will cart around for years. You will enjoy our collection of wooden toys. Don't forget our foam play mats! All these products make great gifts 🎁!

Pretend play for kids provides many benefits

  • Develops communication and language skills.
  • Allows kids to act out and make sense of real-life situations.
  • Allows kids to explore, investigate and experiment.

We love this: Play is the business of childhood. It is an integral part of every chid's healthy development (...) For more information on play strategies check-out the Canadian Public Health Association which is a great Canadian 🇨🇦 resource.

Our collection of puzzles and games for french speaking kids keeps growing. Francophones living in Québec and all across Canada 🇨🇦 will find the family of Nathan games exceptional. Ce sont des jeux éducatifs, jeux d'éveil, jeux de société, jeux de cartes et des jeux créatifs.

Grimm's Wooden Toys

🌸 Spring /⛱️ Summer Stock Arrival

When does Jump Baby get new summer clothing?

New arrivals of clothing items start to fill our location in Sudbury Ontario in February. Most newborn, baby and kids clothing arrives by the end of April. We upload to our website as fast as we can. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to know when 🆕 clothing drops in the shop!

🍁 Fall / ❄️ Winter Stock Arrival

When do snowsuits come in?

Most snowsuits arrive in early August. We stock winter gear for newborns, babies, toddlers and kids up to size 8. The benefits of buying our snowsuits is that we ensure that the brands we carry address the fact that we live in Canada🇨🇦. We search for the warmest snowsuits. We know the Canadian climate ☃️! Shop our store selection early in the season.

We carry many winter clothing brands which Canadians 🇨🇦 love to shop for like: Columbia, Deux par Deux, Perlimpinpin, Reima and Stonz famous for accessories like hats, mitts and boots.

When can I Expect a Sale 💰?

Our sale section online or in-store is always getting loaded with new goodies. To find our sale section online, look for the Clearance section. After every season we place clothing on sale. You'll find great deals on some of your favourite brands. We also have these sales:

  • A store anniversary 🎂 sale on April 4th
  • A Black Friday ⚫ sale in November
  • Surprise gear sales during the year (Manufacturers decide when)

Shopping in our brick & mortar location in Sudbury Canada is fun too! When you enter you'll find the store divided in sections that are easy to browse. We have a sale section💰where we have lots of items being cleared-out like off-season clothing, diaper bags, kids shoes and more.

Website Orders & Free Shipping 📦

Whether Jump! Baby customers shop from Vancouver, Toronto or Newfoundland or any wonderful city in between, we make it easy to search, shop and order products on our online store, with free shipping to most locations with minimum purchase.

The shipping process is quick on our end. We send your ordered items same day 🚚 whenever possible. Call us if you need to add or remove things from your order.

Purchases that add up to $99 Canadian 🇨🇦 pre-tax qualify for free shipping 📦 at checkout! It's easy to create an account on our website and we process your order quickly.

What is your shipping radius?

Do you have a Canadian🇨🇦 address? Then we ship to your location. You can feel comfortable when you purchase from Canadian stores like Jump! The BABY Store. The many benefits of our shop include free shipping (with minimum purchase), no surprise duty and taxes and CSA approved products for babies.

Ask us a Question 🙋

Do message our team of product experts. We enjoy providing support to parents 👪 👩‍👩‍👦 👨‍👨‍👧👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦. Ask us any questions about a stroller, a piece of furniture or other baby accessories and products. We aim to answer quickly.

Frequently asked questions to date by our customers!

  • The safety features of a specific car seat.
  • Gifts🎁 suggestions for newborns, toddlers and kids!
  • Age appropriate toys
  • Gift card balance, cart and cart close questions

I can't get it to work correctly

Yep our product experts will address that as well!

Oui nous parlons français!

Contactez-nous par téléphone ou envoyez-nous un courriel - nous vous renseignerons volontiers sur tous nos produits pour bébés 👶👶🏼👶🏿!

Looking for our store address?

Check-out our contact page, that's where you'll find our store address and store hours. If you're doing a curb-side pick-up🚘 , there is a sign on the Jump Baby store window with the number to call once you arrive. On account that we want everyone to stay safe, if you're coming in the store there is a sign signalling the need to wear a mask 😷. We have facilities for disabled persons ♿, including automated entrance and washroom doors.

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