What does¬†Reima¬ģ mean?

The name Reima means wise protector. It is of Finnish origin.

Since 1944 the Reima brand of clothes has produced functional clothing for the great outdoors for little ones! They've been protecting kids from sleet and snow for almost 80 years!

These¬†high quality products¬†are made for¬†kids¬†who love to¬†play¬†in all types of¬†weather. Parents¬†searching¬†for a¬†warm¬†toasty¬†jacket, like the¬†winter parka naapuri¬†and merino wool thermal base layers for¬†children, will love¬†Reima¬ģ.

Cold fresh air is great for kids. It cleans their lungs by making them breathe more deeply and bringing more oxygen into their cells. It's great for adults too. ;)

Scandinavian Kids Clothing

This Scandi brand is made for kids on the move. They encourage children to discover the joy of movement especially outdoors.

Scandinavian design is marked by a minimalist style with clean, simple lines and functionality. You can find these characteristic in every piece.

Is a Reima¬ģ¬†winter jacket good?

Reimatec winter jackets are awesome! A long winter jacket with an urban look. That's what the Vaanila jacket is! It's is made to move with kids and to keep children cozy and wam in any environment. You'll find the following features in every kids winter jacket or snowsuit.

  • Sealed¬†waterproof¬†seams
  • Elasticated cuffs¬†to minimize¬†snow¬†entry
  • Detachable¬†comfortable¬†hood
  • Reflective details¬†keep your¬†child¬†safe
  • Fluorocarbon-free after and dirt repellent finish BIONIC-FINISHECO
  • Made of¬†safer products¬†that are free of¬†harmful chemicals
  • On-trend Nordic designs in a beautiful¬†range¬†of colours for¬†boys¬†and girls


Shop¬†Reimatec¬†kids winter¬†jackets, snowsuits and coats. Each garment has a hang tag with a¬†sign¬†indicating¬†breathability, warmth, durability,¬†windproof¬†and¬†waterproof¬†levels rating. Parents will have¬†confidence¬†knowing exactly why the garment has been engineered and what kind of¬†weather¬†it can handle.¬†Reima¬ģ will easily become a¬†beloved item¬†for you and your¬†child.

Note the following recommendations are based on wearing appropriate under layers and an average time spent outdoors of one hour. Top tip # 1 : One child may need a higher or lower warmth rating than another based on their level of activity outdoors.

Let's focus on each feature individually and the tests need to be passed to get certification.

Waterproof ratings (Water column value)

A water column value indicates how much a fabric is waterproof. A rating of 5000 mm means that a jacket fabric can hold a water column that is 5000 mm tall before water begins to filter through its surface. The higher the rating the more a fabric will resist a heavy rainfall. The water filter results or water column values are as follows.

The thickness of the water mass/pressure is stated in mm.

Waterproof ratings - Useful for kids winter jackets

  • 3000 mm Protects against light or heavy rainfall for a short amount of time
  • 5000 mm Protects against heavy rainfall. Will stay dry unless sitting in the¬†rain.
  • 8000mm Is suitable for both a heavy downpour and also sitting in one.
  • 10000 mm For extreme conditions. Protects in active outings in wet surroundings and in a heavy downpour, all-day. Extremely¬†waterproof.

Warmth ratings - Useful for kids winter jackets

  • One snowflake Good to approximately -10 ¬įC | Light insulation like a fleece fabric or a light down
  • Two snowflakes Good to approximately -20 ¬įC |¬†Warm¬†insulation or down.¬†
  • Three snowflakes Good to approximately -30 ¬įC | Fluffy down or very¬†warm¬†synthetic.

Breathability ratings (g m2 24 h)

Waterproof¬†fabrics are great, but they also have to be breathable.¬†Moisture, must transfer to outer layers to ensure¬†kids¬†stay dry.¬†Breathability¬†is measured in grams / square meter or¬†g m2 24 h.¬†Reima¬ģ uses their own method to measure¬†breathability¬†but it is similar to ISO 15496. ISO 15496 measures the water vapour permeability of textiles.

  • Breathability¬†of at least 3,000¬†g m2 24 h¬†| Suitable for light rainfall and everyday.
  • Breathability¬†of at least 5,000¬†g m2 24 h¬†| Suitable for playing outside.
  • Breathability¬†of at least 7,000¬†g m2 24 h¬†| Suitable for active¬†kids¬†and playing sports.

Durability (cycles Martindale)

The Martindale test also called the rub test, checks the abrasion resistance of fabrics with sand paper. It measures the durability of a fabric. Super important with active kids!

  • Over 30 000 cycles Martindale | Very good durability, suitable for casual pants and durable jackets.
  • Over 50 000 cycles Martindale | Excellent durability, suitable for pants and lower parts of overalls.
  • Over 80 000 cycles Martindale | Extremely durable fabric, usually used as reinforcement material and in our most durable pants.

How does¬†Reima¬ģ fit

All outerwear has 2 to 3 inches of growing room. This allows for children the ability to wear layers underneath.

If your child is around a size 5T in the fall and is a thin or medium body type, a size 5T should fit comfortably throughout the winter.


Sizes are based on body measurements.

The measurements on the size chart are body measurements, not garment dimensions. To get accurate sizing, measure your child's body not her, his or their clothes. Take measurements over thin indoor clothes. Hands and head should be measured without mitts or hats.

How long will a garment fit my child?

Reima¬ģ garments have approximately 6 cm grow room. This allows for wearing base and mid layers. If your baby is close to 80 cm tall in the autumn and has a thin or medium build, a size 80 cm (Size 12 months in Canada) should fit comfortably throughout winter.

On account that Kids can grow in spurts, sometimes a larger size may be a wise choice.

Top Tips for sizing kids

Top Tip #2 Tight vs. loose

Take into account that clothes that are too tight will not provide warmth. Allow for a suitable number of mid layers and air for insulation. Outerwear should be suitably loose so kids can stay warm.

Top tip #3 The arm check

Ask your child to lift her, his or their arms up. If the wrists remain covered, then the sleeve length is correct. Congrats you've chosen the right size!

Top tip # 4 The crouch test

Ask your child to crouch down. The seat of the pants should not be too tight.

Top tip #5 Visual check of pant creases

Are there excessive creases in the pants? If so, select a smaller size or shorten by adjusting the waist. Pant cuffs usually have foot loops or a mode of adjustment that kids and parents can access to prevent the pant leg from going under the foot.

Washing Instruction

Here are the care label instructions for jackets, wool base layers and swimwear.

Jackets with synthetic fur trim

Washing instructions: Remove faux fur trim. Close zippers and any velcro fastenings. Wash separately inside out. Avoid detergents with bleaching agents. Do not use fabric softener.

Drying instructions: Tumble dry on low heat setting (maximum 40 ¬įC) or lay flat to dry.

Jacket without fur trim

Washing instructions: Close zippers and any velcro fastenings. Wash separately inside out. Avoid detergents with bleaching agents. Do not use fabric softener.

Drying instructions: Tumble dry on low (maximum 40 ¬įC) or dry at room temperature.

Wool base layers

Washing instructions: Wash with similar colours, inside out. Avoid detergents with bleaching agents.

Drying instructions: Reshape to dry at room temperature.


Washing instructions: Wash in a laundry bag with similar colours. Avoid detergents with bleaching agents and fabric softener.

Drying instructions: Dry in an open area, away from the sun.

Additional care: Always rinse with fresh water after use.

Shopping for¬†Reima¬ģ in Canada


We make it easy for you to¬†shop¬†the¬†Reima¬ģ¬†line¬†of products. It's easy to¬†filter selection size¬†and price.¬†A¬†cart¬†adding up to $99 Canadian ūüá®ūüᶠpre-tax¬†qualifies for¬†free shipping¬†! We¬†accept¬†many forms for payment¬†and¬†process your¬†order¬†quickly.

In-store Shopping

If you're doing a curb-side pick-upūüöė in the¬†city¬†of Sudbury¬†Ontario, there is a¬†sign¬†on the Jump¬†Baby¬†store¬†window with the number to call. We have a family¬†friendly store and we love¬†children.

Do keep in mind, there is a¬†sign¬†indicating the need to wear a mask¬†ūüė∑. Grab a shopping¬†cart¬†and enjoy! We have facilities for¬†disabled¬†persons ‚ôŅ and an automated door for¬†strollers.

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