FridaBaby NoseFrida The SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator



Doctor invented and recommended. Made in Sweden, the Frida NoseFrida is your go-to natural, hygienic baby booger buster. It’s totally safe (for parents AND baby), so you can say “sayonara” to snotty noses. NoseFrida is non-invasive and gives the user complete control over how much suction is used. Hygienic filters prevent germs going from baby to parent, helping keep everyone healthy during cold season.


  • Hygienic: Disposable filters are clinically proven to prevent the transfer of mucus or bacterial germs to the snot sucker when clearing stuffy noses. Replace filter after every use.
  • Comfortable + Non-Invasive: NoseFrida creates a seal with the outside of the baby's nostril for gentle snotsucking.
  • Dishwasher Safe: The blue nasal tube, red mouthpiece, and filter cap are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Pediatrician Recommended: BPA + Phthalate-free. Safe for all ages.
  • Baby Registry Essential: Includes 1 NoseFrida and 4 Hygiene Filters

What's Inside?

1 SnotSucker and 4 Filters