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Type: A050419


A complete sleep-positioner for perfect support! 

Recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), the best sleeping position for a 0-12 months old baby is the Back Position.

Whilst sleeping, baby’s face remains unobstructed, limiting the risks of incorrect swallowing, breathlessness, hyperthermia and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This recommendation isn’t without its disadvantages, well known by pediatricians, such as the Plagiocephaly. But solutions exist!

With almost 20 years of experience and innovation, Babymoov has created a comprehensive range, called COSY: unique concepts for a safe and comfortable sleep.

A baby's skull remains very malleable up to around the age of one. Spending lots of hours asleep on their back (as recommended) means the weight of their head lies practically always in the same area which could give rise to what is called the flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly.

With its positioning roll, the Cosydream recreates a small space reassuring babies while ensuring a perfect position supporting the back and raising the legs. To combat this flat head syndrome, Cosydream has a built-in head rest so that your baby's head stays well rounded.

With baby's optimum comfort in mind, Cosydream is made out of ultra soft breathable materials and memory foam. And if your child suffers from regurgitation, colic or poor breathing, tilting will guarantee optimum protection. This is why Cosydream can be used tilted.

It can be used from birth to 4-6 months: do not use the sleep-positioner as soon as the baby is capable of turning over on his/her own.