Baby Works Bamboo Re-Useable Nursing Pad Kit | 8 Pack



The Baby Works reusable organic nursing pads are contoured for maximum comfort and a more discreet fit.

  • Contoured shape for maximum comfort and protection
  • 3 layer construction includes super soft rayon from bamboo, absorbent microfiber and leak-proof lining.
  • Made from organic rayon from bamboo fabric
  • Back of nursing pads have a specially designed grip material to stay in place inside a bra
  • Includes convenient wet bag for storing used pads while on the go
  • Includes laundry bag to keep pads together in the wash

Package contents: 1 wet bag, 1 laundry bag and 8 reusable bamboo nursing pads.


Coussinets d'allaitement. Sac de lessive. Sac humide. 8 coussinets reutilisable a 3 couches. Super doux rayonne de bamboo, microfibre absorbante et doublure antifuite.