BBluv Shooz | Aqua



Protect those little toes with flexible, durable, and floatable water shooz by BBluv!

BBluv's Shooz are perfect water shoes to protect your baby’s feet at the pool, beach, lakes and any outdoor activities. They're designed to make your little one as comfortable wearing them as they would be wearing a pair of socks. They have soft, insulated fabric that keeps those little toes warm. The flexibility of the material in addition to the non-slip soles provide reliable traction. Let your baby safely explore his surroundings with these flexible shoes.


  • Ideal for both the beach, pool, lake, and other outdoor activities.
  • Protects baby’s feet from hot sand, shells, sharp rocks, wood splinters, and rough surfaces.
  • Soft, isolated and durable neoprene fabric that keeps feet warm
  • Ultra flexible and non-slip soles for reliable traction
  • Easy to slip on and take off
  • They float on water so they never get lost
  • Vibrant colors and stimulating patterns
  • Very light: only 77 grams


These shooz are machine washable & dry very quickly. Please allow time to air dry. Do not use any externat sources of heat, do not dry clean.