The Ab System provides you with the prenatal Core Confidence Exercise Program to help you prepare, the Ab Tank and patented Ab Wrap to help your pelvis and abdomen recover AND the restorative Core Confidence Exercise Program to help rebuild and restore your core from the inside out.

Belly wrapping plays a role in

Healing ERROR and encouraging re-alignment of the rectus muscles (the 6 pack muscles)

Keeping the new mother warm (ERROR)

Encouraging rest

Supporting the pelvis and the tissues in the abdominal wall

Guiding the postpartum woman into restorative posture and alignment

Supporting the uterus in its return to its normal size (involution)

Improving circulation

Providing comfort and support – especially after cesarean births

We recommend that the Ab System be purchased while you are still pregnant so you can start the Core Confidence program and have the Ab Tank and Wrap to put on immediately postpartum in order to take advantage of the most critical healing time for diastasis recti – the first 8 weeks postpartum.

We have a based the sizing on you taking your measurements during pregnancy, ideally in your third trimester.

Measure under your bust and around your hips – ideally around your 30th week or later.

We have tried to make this as applicable to everyone as possible, however every body is different. The under bust measurement is the one that really dictates what size to buy. As a general guide, if you are in the low end of a size range, we recommend ordering a size smaller

We have designed the product as a recovery garment to be used in the first weeks (up to 8) postpartum when the belly is still shrinking. For women who are past the 8 week postpartum mark and still wish to purchase the product, you may wish to go a size smaller to ensure the appropriate fit. As a final note, please do not purchase our product if your goal is to ‘flatten your abs’. Our garment is not a waist trainer but rather a pelvic and lower abdominal support wrap for postpartum recovery or temporary support in movement under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Refer to the chart below to determine your size.

    S M L
Under Bust       28-34     33-39     38-44    
Hips       30-40     35-45     40-50    
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