Bibs Paci Pod Pacifier Box - Petrol


A multi-functional product used for storing & sterilizing pacifiers

BIBS pacifier box can be used for storing pacifiers on-the-go and it can also be used as a sterilizer box for microwave sterilization.

We always recommend only sterilizing silicone pacifiers in the microwave - not pacifiers in natural rubber latex.


    • Can hold up to three BIBS pacifiers
    • Comes with a pacifier insert that can hold one single pacifier
    • Made of 100% safe and food-grade material
    • Can be used for pacifier sterilization


    • Withstand dishwasher cleaning

    Complies with the European Standards:

    • EN 15284
    • EN 1186-01
    • EN 1186-03
    • EN 1186-14

    Designed and manufactured in Denmark

    *Pacifier in picture is not included