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Create the perfect environment for restorative sleep with this fitted crib bed sheet.

Kyte Baby's Bamboo Crib Sheets are designed for comfort and breathability. Made with bamboo rayon, they're great at regulating body temperature and perfect for year-round comfort. Fit it over your little one’s mattress and let the silky fabric soothe their little head into a deep slumber.

  • Designed with the comfort of your baby's sleep in mind.
  • Made with breathable fabric that's great for regulating temperature.
  • Silky and soft helps soothe your little one into a deep slumber.
  • Can be mixed and matched with¬†Kyte Baby's other products.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 28 x 52 inches


To maintain the quality and feel of your bamboo, Kyte recommends the following wash instructions:

  • Cold water on a delicate cycle.
  • Turn off agitator if that is an option.
  • With like fabrics (bamboo only).
  • Layette: Wash inside out, zipped/buttoned up to decrease pilling.
  • Sleep bag: Do not was inside out, make sure it's zipped up completely to protect the inner quilting.
  • It's recommended not to¬†use the dryer, hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Use a fan to help drying time indoors.

Avoid care products that contain harsh chemicals, additives, optical brighteners, and bleach.

Fabric Content

Made with soft, 97% Bamboo & 3% Spandex