Malarkey Kids Crib Chomper - Grey



The Malarkey Kids Crib Chomper is the smart crib rail guard. It protects your baby from ingesting paint, wood and damaging little teeth. The Crib Chomper features soft, padded drool absorbent fabric + a layer of textured, chewy food-grade silicone to protect both crib and baby! Fits most standard and convertible crib rails. Simply fold fabric over with silicone facing up and secure with hook & loop and straps around crib rails. 


  • Soft padded fabric
  • 100% textured food-grade silicone
  • Cute nursery colors and patterns
  • Durable hook & loop fastener
  • BPA free

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash regularly
  • Dry on low heat


Discontinue use if product shows signs of wear and tear