Medela Milk Collection Shells 2PC


The Medela Milk Collection Shells are specially designed for nursing mothers who experience breast milk leakage while feeding.

These shells gently collect the excess milk from one breast while your baby feeds from the other, ensuring no milk goes to waste. This makes it easier for you to collect and store breast milk, providing a convenient solution for busy moms who want to ensure their baby gets the best nutrition possible. With the Medela Milk Collection Shells, you can confidently feed your baby without worrying about milk wastage.

Product Features

  • Made from food grade silicone, the shells feel comfortable and gentle on delicate breast skin.
  • The Milk Collection Shells fit comfortably inside your bra to collect milk, minimizing leakage and prevent wet shirts.
  • Transfer your milk to a storage container with easy pour spout and without worrying about spilling any of that precious liquid gold.
  • The Milk Collection Shells are made without BPA for the added peace of mind that parents deserve.

What's Included

  • 2 x Medela Milk Collection Shells