Precidio Drink in the Box 12 Oz - Blue



There is nothing worse than a soggy lunch bag, wet books in a backpack, or finding your kids shirts just got a big SQUIRT of juice from a disposable juice box.

  • Drink in the Box is an attractive, leak and squirt-proof way to send drinks with kids.

  • No more soggy lunches, squirting on shirts, or lost straws.

  • Precidio perfected this design over 3 years of investing in testing and prototyping, and uses only medical-grade silicone seals and air-tight lids.


We made Drink in the Box to be a fun, safe and convenient way to carry drinks with you.

  • DIB is made of the best US-made material from Eastman, called Tritan™.

  • Tritan™ is BPA and Phthalate-free, and has been tested safe internationally.

  • It won’t warp or crack in the dishwasher, and will not stain at all.

  • And unlike stainless steel bottles, Tritan™ won’t dent or ding.

  • Good for + 1500 dishwasher cycles (3-5 years).

  • It is as clear as glass, but without the brittleness of glass.

Extremely Durable Tritan™

Drink in the Box is kid-tested tough and will last for years!

  • Made from US-made Tritan™, it performs better than glass, it can withstand drops, bumps, being thrown against the wall and tumbles down stairs.

  • Unlike stainless, it won’t dent or ding!

  • We wanted to make a product which was not only safe, functional, beautiful – and loved by kids, but it had to LAST.

  • Drink in the Box is a high quality product which your family can feel proud to use.