Replay Snack Stack - Aqua


The Re-Play Snack Stacks are super versatile and great on the go! From storing fresh fruit, liquids to lego these Snack Stacks are up for the challenge.

Mix and match the interchangeable and stackable pods and see where the day takes you.

Made in the USA from recycled milk jugs, the durable, affordable Re-Play Snack Stacks are perfect for everyday use. Take them to outdoor parties, picnics, and barbecues. Mix and match with Re-Play's utensils, bowls, and cups to create a vibrant tableware set!

Each Snack Stack set includes two pods and one lid.

Note: Our products are shipped directly to your home, to cut down on waste we do not include our standard retail packaging.


Made from milk jugs

Food Grade recycled plastic FDA approved





Dishwasher safe

The use of recycled plastic reduces greenhouse gases and saves energy

The packaging is also made from recycled paperboard

The minimal package design does not use plastic blisters, twist ties or any other extra restraints that create more waste

Re-Play products are easy and fun for toddlers to use, unbelievably durable.