Stonz Toddler Booties - Neo Stonz Print


A protective toddler booty that stays on

Adjustable toggles so it locks on your childā€™s legs and ankles - so it stays on and child canā€™t kick it off. Slip it over your childā€™s feet, socks or shoes. Non-slip soles prevent potential falls in wet and snowy conditions, and fleece liner and weather-resistant 600D coated nylon upperĀ keep your child cozy.Ā Ultra warm fleece linerĀ sold separately and can be inserted to wear in situations where going out in extreme cold situations.


  • Good for any weather: Waterproof, durable, flexible, and non-slip sole made with PLUSfoamĀ®
  • Easy for parents:Ā Easy slip-on/off and lightweight and easy to pack
  • Safe for your childā€™s feet:Ā Soft form-fitting soles / zero drop aka no heel (no elevation in any part of the shoe)
  • Durable and flexible: DurableĀ & flexible soles help balance and protecting toddlers foot over more rugged terrains
  • CPMA certified: Certifies the product is good for your childā€™s foot health and development
  • Safe for the planet:Ā Vegan friendly

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable