Stork & Dove Booby Boons Cookies | Chocolate Quinoa



Booby Boons lactation cookies, by Stork and Dove, are convenient, delicious and health conscious. Stork and Dove are makers of functional products for pre- and post-natal women. Moms love that Stork and Dove are committed to making functional products of the highest quality. Cocoa Quinoa was made for all of the chocolate loving mommies. These cookies are lovingly made with non GMO ingredients including Stork and Dove’s proprietary blend of gluten free flour, premium cocoa powder, soy-free chocolate chips (hard to source, easy to enjoy), organic cane sugar, quinoa flakes and more natural, preservative free, (& easy to pronounce) ingredients that Moms trust. Don’t let the yummy factor fool you - these cookies are packed with milk enhancing ingredients and are lactation consultant approved for performance!