UBBI Bio-Degradeable Bags | 25 Count



Made from 20%  recycled material, biodegradable, and convenient!

Ubbi's diaper pail are super convenient. Any regular tall kitchen bag fits inside and works great. Ubbi's plastic bags are made from recycled material and are biodegradable. They're not a must, just a plus!


  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Convenient value pack.
  • Contains 20% recycled material.


Plastic bags are not a toy and can pose a potential suffocation hazard. To avoid danger, keep plastic bags away from children and babies. Do not use of leave in cribs, beds, playpens, or other areas that can be accessed by small children.

Size & Capacity

Capacity: 57.2 Litres (13 Gallons)

Size: 45cm x 85cm (17.7 inches x 33.4 inches)

25 Bags / Box