Kyte Baby Customer Testimonials

Our customers have a lot to say about Kyte Baby. Read more about the Kyte brand, its products, and frequently asked questions.

We asked: Is Kyte Baby worth it?

  • OBSESSED is an understatement! The softest buttery material perfect for cuddles! Kayla Childs
  • Omgggg my favourite clothing ever!! They fit longer, so soft. My collection grows and grows! Christine McQueen
  • Love kyte!! (…) Worth every penny! Jessica Busch
  • The material is amazing, so soft and worth the money. Megan Anne
  • 🥰 You’ll never regret buying anything from Kyte ! Shayleigh Sheahan
  • Kyte is a staple in our household! Tamara Gatto
  • We live in Kyte products. Ashely Wilkinson
  • The quality is amazing, and they get to wear it for sooo long! Mireille Arseneau

Eczema & cotton allergy

  • Perfect for my eczema babies!!! Dawn Marie Mason
  • It’s the only thing that I feel comfortable putting on my baby boy with his eczema. Caroline Skuta
  • The crib sheets and sleep sacks are also awesome for my little sensitive eczema prone guy 🥰 Kayla Wilson
  • Keeps our little ones skin happy! Alyssa Smith
  • My little guy’s eczema got soooo much better after the switch! Sophie Adam
  • We’ve been wearing Kyte for 2.5 years! We got into it as baby has eczema… Not only that but the crib sheets, change pad covers, wash cloths and sponges are also a staple in our home. Courtney White
  • We love Kyte clothes!! They are such a lifesaver when my girl breaks out in eczema. 💕 Taylor Lowther
  • With a cotton allergy, bamboo is the best on baby bugs skin. Ashley Wilkinson

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    Stretchiness & fit

    • So incredibly soft and fit forever! Trina Desjardins
    • It’s definitely very long lasting as well because it’s so stretchy. Caroline Skuta
    • They fit longer and are especially wonderful for babies with longer torsos. Jenna Marguerite
    • Love kyte! (…) The sizes are also very forgiving since it’s such a stretchy material. Venessa Paquette
    • It lasts longer than typical cotton (…) we have not been disappointed. Baileigh Sirman
    • Fits twice as long as cotton. Don’t forget to treat yourself moms👍 Trista Dawn
    • My daughter is still wearing her 6-12 month stuff even though she’s in 18-24 clothes from other brands! So worth the price for us. Taylor Lowther

    Colour choices

    • The colours are also super nice and more unique than the typical pink and blue options! Nikki Cecchetto
    • I love how most of it is very gender neutral so my daughter and son can match… Caroline Skuta
    • We love all the great colours and prints. Jen Davison

    Temperature regulation

    • (...) And she honestly sleeps better in them because I believe it helps regulate her body temp by not over heating! Alyssa Smith
    • Love it! Helps my kids sleep better! Chandice Cousineau
    • They look soo good on my little girl. Light and breathable is my favourite thing about them. Vanessa Chiasson
    • They are the only footed pjs my son doesn’t sweat in. And they actually fit (…) We’ve never been disappointed with any of our kyte purchases. Andrea Morrison
    • In the warm summer months it wasn’t too much and it has been perfect for the cool winter days when layered under a snow suit! Baileigh Sirman

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    Better sleep for babies in sleep bags

    • The sleep sacks have also been a God send for our almost 8 month old. She won’t sleep without it. We’ve tried different brands and the sizes never match up with her length and she’s outgrown them way too quickly. The Kyte sleep sacks are sized appropriately with some extra room as well. (…) The minute she’s zipped up she rolls over and snuggles up and starts dozing off. Bri Brunet
    • The sleep sacks are a must have for a good nights sleep! So soft and warm! I love that they have the tog rating on them so it’s easy to be able to properly dress your baby for sleep and not have them overheat! The sleepers and onesies are light weight and are perfect for warmer weather! Tamara Gatto
    • The sleep sacs (…) feel more like a blanket. Sara Adams
    • Love it! Helps my kids sleep better! Chandice Cousineau

    Comfy and cozy

    • My kiddos get the giggles when they put on their Kyte pjs because they are so comfy. I catch myself doing the same when I slip into my Kyte wear after a long day. Victoria Fortin
    • The sleepers are smooth like butter, soft on babies skin. Bri Brunet
    • So buttery soft and gentle on my babes skin. Tiffany Sandra
    • Buttery smooth! Jenn Messier
    • The softness! Sarrah Samantha

      About Moms

      • (…) Don’t forget to treat yourselves moms. Trista Dawn
      • But the best part is us moms get to wear it, too ❤️❤️ The adult loungewear is heaven!! Courtney White

      Mom Kyte BABY PJ's and loungewear collection!


      • The material is amazing! KYTE washes over and over and continues to keep its “brand new” look and feel. Shawn Amanda Winsor
      • … even through endless washes they still look new. (…) his brothers hand me downs and they’re like new every time we put them on. Ali Catherwood
      • They wash extreme well with no pilling (…). Rebecca MacDonald
      • (…) holds its shape and lasts for so long! ❤️ Carolyn Hepting

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      Cloth diapering

      • Cloth diaper compatible with all the stretch (which is tough to find in a sleeper / onesie). Trina Desjardins