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Origin of Kyte Baby

The oh so popular Kyte Baby brand! Ever wonder who owns Kyte Baby? The founder's name is Ying Liu. Ying is originally from China. She emigrated to Canada to study economics and fine arts. After graduating with a PhD in economics she worked for the Bank of Canada. When her son came along, she quit her job in finance and opened up a baby retail store which grew to 5 stores. Along the way, she had 4 more kids!

When was Kyte Baby born?

One of Ying's daughters, Kei, had chronic eczema. Her daughter would pull at her PJ's because she felt itchy. Like most moms would do, Ying did a search for fabrics which were non-irritating and could help her daughter sleep better through the night. That's when she found out that bamboo is better than cotton. She then tested this theory on her daughter Kei, who finally slept through the night when she wore a bamboo pajama. Bamboo fabric checked all the boxes Ying was hoping for: a sustainable resource, fewer pesticides used during the growing period, a cooler, more comfortable and more breathable fabric. Once the decision to make Kyte Baby out of bamboo rayon was made.... Kyte Baby was born. The business was started in 2014. 🎂

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Why is bamboo better?

  • It's 3 degrees cooler than cotton.
  • It's more breathable than cotton keeping everyone dry and comfortable.
  • It's silkier than cotton and gets more comfy after every wash.
  • It's hypoallergenic making it a natural solution for those with sensitive skin conditions like eczema.
  • It doesn't need as much dye as cotton to be coloured because its 40% more absorbent and colours last longer than cotton.
  • It requires very little pesticides and water to grow and grows faster than cotton.
  • When harvested, it regenerates itself in a flash and generates 35% more oxygen than trees.

Is Kyte Baby bamboo organic?

Technically, Kyte Baby bamboo is not organic. It is important, however, to re-emphasize the following qualities of bamboo. By requiring very little pesticides to grow, bamboo fabric is virtually pesticide free making it very gentle on skin. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial making it a Kid-Safe fabric. With its breathable and comfy nature, it is also one of the best fabrics for those who suffer from eczema.

Click below to learn about managing ECZEMA 

🇨🇦  Eczema Society of Canada  / Société canadienne de l'eczéma.🇨🇦

Where are Kyte Baby clothes made?

While holidaying in China, Ying spoke about her business idea to her family. Her aunt Ling suggested, “Why don’t you design your own line of bamboo baby clothing, and I will manufacture them for you here in China🇨🇳, during the factory’s down times?” She added, “Babies are born year-round, right?” The search was over and this decision would allow Ling to keep her workers employed during the off-peak periods and would help Ying to keep Kyte sourced, manufactured and operated as a family business from start to finish.

Is Kyte Baby ethically produced? Do factory workers get a fair wage?

Here is the founder of Kyte Baby, Ying Liu, answering these very important questions.

"I want to assure you that our factory workers are paid very well, even in US standards! Our tailors and head sewers take home more than what a minimum-wage worker would make in the US, and the factory pays for food and lodging. That's more than many company executives make in China! I'm proud that I could provide these hard working teammates in China a comfortable life. Thanks to our loyal customers, we are able to do that for as long as we can! Before COVID, I would visit them twice a year and I would hang out with each of them. They are truly a part of our family. I'm not sure what it entails to get fair trade certified, but I feel like we don't need that title, because we truly go beyond any fair trade standards!" Source: Kyte Baby Website

What does TOG mean?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It is a a unit of measurement to calculate the thermal insulation of a textile product, like blankets and sleep bags.

What TOG rating do I need? 🤔

TOG describes the warmth of a product. Kyte Baby sleep bags have TOG ratings of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5 from low to high warmth. The higher the number, the warmer the sleep bag. 

Fun fact: The TOG rating comes from The Shirley Institute in Britain. In the 1960’s they developed the TOG as an easy-to-follow alternative to the SI unit of m2K/W. They also developed a machine to measure TOG, it’s called the Togmeter.

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How do I choose a TOG for my baby’s sleep bag?

    • You’ve done your research and decided that a sleep bag is the best sleeping option for your baby. 
    • Your baby has started showing signs of rolling, so it’s time to stop swaddling and to make the transition to a sleep bag. 

Sleep bags regulate baby’s temperature, are easy to use, safe to use and no additional blankets, which could get kicked off anyway, are needed.

Be mindful to confirm the following 3 factors when determining the Sleep Bag TOG rating you will use for your baby, toddler or older child.

  • Room temperature where your child will sleep 
    Ideally should be set to 20 °C - 22 °C (68-72 F).
    • Layers worn by your child while wearing their sleep bag 
    Judge by how warm/cold you feel.
    Do you need an extra layer? Then so will your child.
    • The TOG rating of the sleep bag you are using

      .05 TOG - no quilting. Ambient temperature of 23 °C - 26 °C.  Babies are wearing onesies to sleep.

      1.0 TOG - has quilting. Ambient temperature of 21 °C - 23 °C.

      2.5 TOG - has thickest quilting. Ambient temperature of 16 °C - 20 °C It's sweater weather!

      Find great sleep tips from the Public Health Agency of Canada here: 

      🇨🇦  Safe Sleep for Your Baby  🇨🇦  Sommeil sécuritaire pour votre bébé 🇨🇦

      Common sizing questions and charts

      Does the size run small?

      Most moms would agree that they fit true to size, they do however fit for a longer period of time because Kyte Baby bamboo is so stretchy.

      How many sizes do Kyte blankets come in?

      There are a total of 5 blanket categories!  So everyone can enjoy the buttery softness of Kyte blankets!

      • Kyte Baby Baby blanket is the smallest at 84 cm X 84 cm (33" by 33")
      • Kyte Baby Swaddle blanket size is 117 cm X 117 cm (46" by 46")
      • Kyte Baby Toddler blanket size is 100 cm X 145 cm (39" by 57")
      • Kyte Baby Youth blanket size is 125 cm X 175 cm (49" by 69")
      • Kyte Baby Adult blanket is the largest at 165 cm X 216 cm (65" by 85")

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      Here are links to Kyte Baby Size Charts

      • Kyte Baby Infant Size Chart (Preemie to 4T)
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      • Kyte Baby Blanket Size Chart
      • Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Size Chart & TOG Rating 
      • Safety checklist for using Kyte Baby Ring Slings

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      Keep your baby close with a ring sling. Ring slings are made of linen and are breathable. Moms love ring slings because you can carry your baby while keeping your hands free. 

      Is Kyte Baby Worth It?

      Our customers are our product experts! We asked our social media customers whether they felt Kyte Baby was worth the investment. The response was a resounding YES!! Check-out our  Kyte Baby 🥰 Customer Testimonials 🥰 arranged by categories.

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      Enter the wonderful ✨ world of Kyte at Jump! The BABY Store in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. We have the widest range of styles and colours of Kyte Baby apparel like onesies, zipper footies, zipper rompers, knotted gowns, sleep bags and bedding. Whether you visit our store in person and chat up our product experts, or search & shop with us online, we stock Kyte solids and prints and keep up with the new arrivals available to Canada. Free shipping is available.

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      How to care for your Kyte Baby sleep bags 

      You've decided to invest 💰 in one or more Kyte pieces, so let's talk about care.

      Kyte Baby layettes and women's pajamas are made with one of the highest ratios of bamboo on the market with 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex. To wash Kyte Baby items think less is more when it comes to using detergent.

      Steps to follow when laundering 🧺 Kyte Baby bamboo products including how to wash Kyte Baby sleep sacks.

      • Layette clothing like onesies, children's clothing and adult clothing, but not sleep sacs, should be turned inside out to decrease pilling in the wash.
      • Don't forget to zip-up the zippers & button-up the buttons. 
      • Sleep bags should not be turned inside out, but should be zipped-up fully 
      • Place in the wash with like fabrics.
      • Now it's time to wash in cold water 🚰 on the delicate cycle, turn off the agitator if that's possible.
      • Reach for detergent that is bleach, fragrance & dye free and does not contain optical brighteners.
      • White vinegar is a great additive and acts as a natural fabric softener.
      • The use of stain pens, chemical treatments and rough scrubbing of stains may weaken or damage bamboo rayon fabric.

      Can I put Kyte Baby in the dryer?

      • Nope! 🙅 It is best practice to lay garments flat to dry or you may also hang to dry if you wish.
      • For sleep bags, un-zip them completely and if you have a fan point it towards the garment to help speed-up indoor drying time.

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