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Complete your little one's look with adorable See Kai Run shoes. Build strength, promote healthy foot development, flex those arches and let those happy toes find their wiggle!

See Kai Run's Philosphy

Children's feet are growing and changing at a rapid rate. The features that go into a See Kai shoe are engineered to help a child's foot work correctly. The specific details of the features of see kai run shoes are as follows.

  • The flex of a shoe is important because is helps develop balance, stride and gate.
  • The broad toe box gives toes wiggle room which helps build strength in muscles and tendons.
  • Wide openings make your little one's shoes easy-on .
  • Secure closures ensure an optimum fit and a shoe that stays on.

Ages & Stages First Walker, Toddler and Youth

See Kai run offers different categories of shoes depending on your child's walking milestone. Each single style is specifically designed for specific ages and stages so every little customer can find the perfect shoe. Sizes of See Kai Run sort of fit into 5 categories.

  • Crib soft-soled crib shoes for babies and newborn infants come in sizes S (0-6 months), M (6-12 months), and L (12-18) months. 
  • First Walker are most suitable for older infants and babies taking their first steps. Age ranged would be between 18 and 24 months. These shoes are available in sizes 3 through 6.
  • Toddler shoes for kids up to three years old. These shoes area available in sizes 4 through 9.
  • Preschool shoes for kids approximately between 3 and 5 years old. They are available in whole and half sizes 9.5 through 13.5
  • Youth shoes fit kids approximately 5 to 8 years of age. They are available in whole and half sizes 1Y through 4Y.

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The Regular Price of See Kai Run Shoes

The regular price of this brand can be a little higher than some others, however See Kai shoes are in a category of their own. They have APMA certification and in 2020 they won awards in 3 categories. Check-out each site to learn more about the awards that See Kai Run won! You'll want to add them to your cart too!

We think the regular price is value based. In case you're wondering, you can get great deals at the end of each season, See Kai Run shoes go on clearance and list prices start to wiggle. Stop everything: add to cart, add to cart! Sign-up to our newsletter to receive updates! Watch our Instagram page too!

APMA Approved

APMA approved (American Podiatry Medical Association) is a Seal of Approval that is granted to products found to promote or be beneficial to good foot health. Feet have rights too! It is a sign that ensures the customer is making the best possible decision regarding foot health. You can trust APMA approved See Kai Run shoes for kids.

Website Orders & Free Shipping 📦

We make it easy to filter, sort and order products online, with free shipping to most locations with minimum purchase. Free shipping can apply to regular and sale priced items.A cart that adds up to $99 Canadian 🇨🇦 pre-tax will qualify for free shipping 📦 ! We process your order quickly. Don't forget to sign-up for our newsletter.

We fill customer orders of See Kai Run items same day 🚚 whenever possible. You'll find your delivery data sent via email.

Looking for our store address?

On our contact page, is where you'll find our address and hours. If you're doing a curb-side pick-up🚘 , there is a sign on the Jump Baby store window with the number to call. In the store there is a sign signalling the need to wear a mask 😷. We have a clearance section with shoes that are discounted from the regular price. Grab a shopping cart and have fun! We have facilities for disabled persons ♿.

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